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The Trade Advisor business directory helps trade industry businesses in a number of ways:

  • Generating new business leads from people searching for work in your area.
  • Boosting credibility of your business with real reviews by real people.
  • Exposure to both consumer and other industry trade professionals.
  • Creates an important backlink to your own website, an important factor in SEO.

Signing up to Trade Advisor is easy and we have a range of affordable packages.  Simply pick a package that suits your business and create your business profile by filling out a short form.  You can list business hours, contact details, location, website and link to your social media channels.

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Trade Advisor facilitates a public review system that allows customers to leave feedback on any business in our network, and rate them on a scale of 1-5.  Businesses are notified through their dashboard whenever a review is left and they can choose whether or not to respond to it.  Both customer reviews and business responses are able to be seen by people searching local business.

The importance of a review system is to give people feedback on the quality of service that a business provides, so consumers can make decisions on who they would like to engage in business.  Not every business is going to get a glowing report from every customer.  Trade Advisor does have the expectation that customer reviews should be factual, and not opinion-based, so if a review is heavily opinionated or crosses the line of good taste, we will remove it from the system.  We can’t police the entire network so we rely on customers and businesses reporting customer comments that need to looked at by our team.

It is important that if you receive a review that is less than ideal, you try and take the time to address it professionally, which can keep your business’ credibility intact and show other people reading your reviews your professionalism.  Review systems are becoming commonplace in today’s market and consumers can generally see when a review is someone’s opinion vs fact, and an appropriate response from you as a business can help.

In addition to an appropriate response, we would encourage you to get your customers to review your business. Many good reviews will outweigh one poor review.

You can get customer reviews in a number of ways.

  1. Reach out to your current and past customers via phone, email or in person and ask them to go leave a review on your business listing.
  2. Consider adding a link to your email signature which encourages people to visit your business profile and leave a review.
  3. Add the following graphic to your website with a link to your business profile and encourage people to rate and review your company:

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Your reviews are your own testimonials and you can use them to promote your business however you see fit.  We also encourage you to link back to your Trade Advisor business page to give your reviews credibility and help continue to build your business. You can add the following badge to your website and link it to your business page:

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